Gushers Indoor CBD Flower

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Gushers CBD flower is a sativa dominant strain bursting with trichomes, sweetness and flavor! Gushers CBD has a very bright green appearance with heavy crystal coverage and small orange hairs. The aroma is a sweet and fruity mixture comparable to gushers and fruit roll ups. The effects are potent and almost instantaneous, with a flavor that is similar to the sweet and fruity smell. Give Gushers a try today and taste the buds gushing with flavor!

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Sativa - Uplifted

Indoor Grown

Aroma: Sweet x Floral

18.1% Total CBD

22.6% Total Cannabinoids  

Sativa is a classification of cannabis known more so for its energizing and uplifting effects. People tend to use sativa's more when they are doing an activity during the day or at a sociable event.

Indica is a classification of cannabis, known more so for its relaxing and sedating effects. People tend to use indica's more when they are done with the day and winding down, or right before they go to sleep.

50/50 hybrid is the last classification of cannabis, which means it is half sativa and half indica. The effects of a hybrid are right in the middle of the effects from a sativa strain and an indica strain. 



The total CBD percentage is the total amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in comparison to other cannabinoids.
The effects that are caused from cannabis are from cannabinoids. The most common cannabinoids are Delta 9-THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and so on. Each cannabis strain has a cannabinoid profile (what cannabinoids are in that particular strain). That profile lists the amount of each individual cannabinoid. Combine all the cannabinoids together, and you have the cannabinoid percentage.