What Is A Humidity Control Pack?

Bammmer bag next to humidity pack and Tennessee Tangie CBD.

Introduction To Humidity Packs

Integra humidity control packs are important to keeping our CBD hemp flower as fresh as it can be. In this blog post we will cover all the information you need to know about Integra boost packs. Everything will be covered from what they are used for, what is inside, different sizes and more. 



What is a Integra boost pack?

Integra humidity control packs are humidity control packs that remove or add moisture in a container or bag. These packs will maintain 55 or 62 percent humidity inside your container to keep your CBD hemp flower at a optimum moisture level. Without the correct humidity the CBD flower can dry out or create mold over time.


55% or 62% humidity control pack, which is better for CBD flower?

The reason behind 55 percent and 62 percent humidity control packs are that those are the levels for which the CBD hemp flower will not become damaged. Under 55 percent there will not be enough moisture causing the flower to dry out, be harsh to smoke and decrease in smell and color. Anything over 62 percent will have too much moisture which will cause mold and bacteria growth. We use 62 percent with all of our flower storage. 62 percent in our experience keeps the flower at a better moisture content making the smell, taste and appearance better than the 55 percent.


What is the fluid inside a humidity control pack?

Inside the humidity control packs is a blend of plant based glycerin and water. This packs are FDA compliant, biodegradable, made with food grade inks and non toxic. The packs are also tear resistant and spill proof.


What size humidity control pack to i want to use?

Depending on the amount of CBD hemp flower these are the sizes Integra boost recommends.
Up to 12 grams of contents: 4-gram packet of Integra Boost
12-28 grams of contents: 8-gram packet of Integra Boost
Up to 1 pound of contents: 67-gram packet of Integra Boost  

How long does a humidity pack last for?

In the original sealed bag a pack is purchased in the pack can last for up to 2 years. Once opened and transferred to another container the pack can last anywhere from a couple of months up to a year. It is all dependent on how frequently you are reopening and closing the container or bag.

Can you use more then one humidity control pack in a container?

Yes, you can use multiple humidity control packs in a container to speed up the humidity process. The packs will adapt and adjust the humidity accordingly.


Final thoughts about humidity control and CBD flower.

You should always use the correct size Integra humidity control pack when storing your flower. It keeps the flower at the proper moisture level preventing mold and preventing dryness. For how effective they work anyone who plans on storing CBD hemp flower should have packs working hand in hand with their storage.

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