Is CBD Legal In Texas?

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Texas and CBD laws.

CBD laws vary from state to state and there is a lot of confusion on where it is legal and where it is not. Texas is one state that has a very strict THC law and is well known for that. When it comes to CBD though since they passed the bill in 2019 they seem to have softened up with CBD. Here is some clarification for the state of Texas on where CBD fits into the law.

So what is the law with CBD in Texas?

In the state of Texas CBD also known as cannabidiol with .3% THC or less was taken off of the schedule I controlled substance list. Passage of the house bill 1325 on April 5th 2019 gave legality to CBD and also gave licensed retailers the ability to sell some CBD as long as it fell within the guidelines of the bill.

The Texas CBD medical program.

Texas has created a tough medial program for patients having the ability to carry CBD with up to .5% THC. Through this process you must prove severe illness. Some of these severe illnesses include epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, terminal cancer and more. More illness seem to be added to this list as times passes check with local Texas authority for full list of illnesses.

What are the limitations of CBD possession?

CBD in Texas is legal as long as it falls under the .3% THC limitation. If you apply and get approved for a medical CBD card you are allowed to posses CBD with up to .5% THC. If a patient carries CBD with more then the legal limit of THC this is considered possession of cannabis and can carry felony charges.


Can the cops test your CBD in Texas?

There is no practical way for cops in Texas to take your CBD and test for THC. From the research we have done there is no equipment for guidelines for testing THC percentage of CBD in the field. That being said THC and CBD look the same and smell the same so I would still recommend being discreet and not drawing attention while in possession of CBD in Texas.

Where can you buy CBD in Texas?

CBD can be bought in many different health and wellness stores in Texas. Also CBD can be shipped through the mail directly to your door step. Make sure to do research about online stores your purchase from to figure out which company fits best for your needs.  

The future of CBD in Texas.

The future seems very bright for CBD in Texas. More and more Texans are becoming supportive of CBD and THC products. As the demand for these products for medical and personal use increases the laws and culture will continue to change. As this shift continues CBD and THC products will start to become a regular common item that you will see.

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