Easy Steps To Make CBD Kief At Home

CBD kief in a joint.

How to make CBD kief at home.

CBD Kief is what you get when you separate the trichomes (the smallest "crystals" on CBD) from the buds. Once separated from the plant, these crystals can be collected and used for their effects. You can sprinkle it over regular flower to enhance its effect, use it as a tincture (mix with alcohol) or vaporize it for more intensity. It can also be made into butter and can be baked into edibles (cookies, brownies, cakes etc.) or even used in water for a CBD-infused drink. Below we will explain how you can make CBD kief at home by using the following instructions!

Supplies needed to make CBD Kief

First of all, you are going to need some CBD flower. The process is best done with either fully ripe female buds or fresh flowering tops which still have trichomes on the outside. Find CBD flower perfect to make kief from HERE.

Then you will need a kief box with a mesh bottom or simply you can use a grinder, large spoon and cheese cloth/coffee filter to collect it. Place your fresh buds inside your kief box and start shaking them gently for a few minutes until all the glandular trichome heads have been broken off into the bottom of the box. You can also just place some flower in a normal grinder and shake it upside down over a surface containing some parchment paper. This works great too! Once done you should have an icky-pungent powder left behind full of resin glands known as kief.

How To Store Your CBD Kief

There is not much else to do now except mulling it all in a bowl by hand or with utensils to separate the kief from your grinder or box. Doing this over parchment paper is extremely helpful (and less messy). The finer you can get it, the better! Kief should have a light brown color if harvested properly. Afterwards, you simply use one of the following ways to store it for later use:

Grinder - Since your buds are already broken up anyway it would be easy to just sprinkle some kief on top of them. Just open your grinder and sprinkle away!

Freezer bag - Place your kief into an airtight container/baggy and place them in the freezer until ready to use.

Pour onto wax paper or parchment paper - Place some wax paper or parchment paper on a surface that you can scrape the kief onto (like a table).

Different Ways to Enjoy CBD Kief

Now that you have your CBD kief ready to go, what will be the best way to enjoy it? You can add it to flower in a joint to make your joint even stronger. Another option is to use it as a tincture. Add your kief to some high proof alcohol (everclear, vodka etc.) and let sit for a few weeks before straining/separating the liquid from the resin. Afterwards, you could drop several drops onto hard candy!

Just remember what we said at the beginning of the article, CBD has no psychoactive effects itself but will enhance whatever other cannabinoid profile is present! One should be very careful when choosing a dosage.

Be safe and don't overdo it! We hope you enjoyed our article and please let us know your experience with this process in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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