Whats The Right Dosage Of CBD?

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How Much CBD Should I Take?

If you're taking CBD for medical reasons, or if you happen to be a massive cannabis nerd, then this will probably interest you.

When it comes to the kinds of products that contain CBD (Cannabidiol) like: oil, wax, and other types of concentrates and edibles; there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the proper CBD dosage.  When you're taking CBD, you may be wondering how much is too much and how much is not enough.  This post will help you understand why your concentration of CBD changes in different products and also help show you the differences in concentration in these products and how to properly dose each.

Dosage For Vaping CBD

Let's start by talking about CBD dosage for vaping.  This is one of the most common methods of taking CBD, not only because it's easy, but also because it has little to no taste and doesn't linger like other types of concentrates (oil).  When you're vaping your concentrate, there are two milligrams of CBD per milliliter of vapor.  The first thing you should know is that CBD takes time to take effect, so don't think because you didn't feel anything the first time it means there's not enough CBD in your pen.  That being said, if you are vaping hemp derived CBD oil (200-300mg), then it's recommended to vape 3-5 puffs and wait 10 minutes.  If you don't feel anything, take 5-8 more puffs and wait another 10 minutes.  Continue until you start feeling the effects of CBD.  That being said, if you aren't vaping hemp derived CBD oil (100mg-200mg), then it's recommended to vape 5-8 puffs and wait 10 minutes.  If you don't feel anything, take 5 more puffs or so.

Dosage For CBD Edibles          

Now onto edibles. An edible is the type of CBD product that has CBD suspended in a food-type substance like butter or oil.  Some people prefer edibles because it's more discreet than vaping.  When you're taking an edible, there are 5-10 milligrams of CBD per serving and the recommended dose varies based on your body weight. If you're taking 10mg CBD gummies, then 2 gummies is the recommended dose. If you weigh less than 100 pounds, then start with one and wait 30 minutes to 2 hours before deciding if you need more.  You will feel the effects faster depending on how much food is in your stomach also!

Dosage For CBD Oil         

The last product is CBD oil. The CBD oil in the e-pen or in the cartridge of a vape pen is different than other edibles, in that it takes much longer for your body to absorb.  The effects can take up to 3 hours to start taking effect and then you can expect relief for up to 8 hours depending on the concentration of CBD oil in your product. Be aware that you may have to take multiple puffs, this is because CBD takes time before it starts working, like I stated earlier.  If you have a vape pen with 100mg, then take 2-3 puffs to start depending on your weight.

Best Dosage For CBD Products

The best rule of thumb for all CBD products is to start small and then build your way up. Not everyone is going to have the same experience nor the same tolerance for CBD. Whatever your preferred method of taking CBD is start at the minimum dosage and work your way up from there.

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