5 Ways To Tell If Your CBD Has Expired.

CBD leaf and CBD pills.

5 Ways To Tell If Your CBD Has Expired

CBD is a popular supplement for people who are looking to reduce their anxiety or chronic pain. It's available in many forms, including vape oil, edibles and topical treatments. But how do you know when your CBD has expired? Here are five ways to tell if your CBD has gone bad-the taste, the texture, the color, the humidity and the smell.

The taste doesn't change because CBD products are not affected by your sense of taste like other food or drink. It's pretty much impossible for it to go bad in that way. As long as you keep your product well stored and away from heat, humidity and light, it should be good to use for a very long time. No need to worry about any of that.

Whereas CBD can't change the taste or color, it does influence how it feels when you consume it.

How To Tell If CBD Cream Has Expired

Topical creams are some of the more popular means people have started using to benefit from CBD's benefits for their skin and general health. Topicals are used mostly for pain relief, muscle relaxation, skin health, and headaches.

Other common uses are for the treatment of insomnia, muscle aches, dental pain, migraines, arthritis discomfort, anxiety and depression.

If your topical CBD cream isn't feeling quite right when you apply it to your skin or if it starts to say or feel greasy then that means that it has oxidized. This is one way you can tell if your topical CBD cream has gone bad.

Another indication that it's time to get rid of your CBD topical cream is if the color starts to change or the texture feels gritty, these are both indicators of oxidation as well. Oxidation occurs when oxygen interacts with some aspect of a compound and changes it. That change is usually discoloration, texture change or the release of an odor.

When you apply it to your skin, keep that in mind and if after a while it stops feeling right then toss it into the trash can!

How To Tell If Your CBD Tincture Or Capsules Have Expired

If you open up your CBD oil and it smells like paint thinner, acrid and pungent then it is an indication that your product has oxidized and gone bad. It should smell like the natural plant it is, earthy and slightly floral.

If you notice that your CBD oil has started to turn color then this is also likely an indication that it's bad. The oil should always be gold or amber colored. If you see black particles floating around in it then it means that the product has turned rancid because it's gone bad.

If the texture of your CBD oil has changed and it looks or feels greasy, waxy or cloudy then that means it has oxidized as well. When CBD oxidizes it can actually go through a solvent-like process that leaves behind waxy residues. This evidence alone should be enough to let you know that your CBD oil has gone bad.

The good news is that when CBD oxidizes, its potency won't change so you don't have to worry about taking in any more of the compound than when originally manufactured. However, you will need to get rid of what's left and purchase a new product.

How To Tell If Your CBD Vape Oil Has Expired

CBD vape oil typically uses an e-liquid base made out of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. Again, you'll know that your CBD vape oil has gone bad when it starts to change color, emit a rancid smell or produce visible droplets. If this happens then that means that the product has oxidized and you should toss it out and purchase a new bottle. You might also notice that your vape pen or e-cigarette smoking differently than before, this is another indicator of oxidation.

You can usually prolong the life of your CBD vape oil by storing it in a cool dry place away from exposure to direct light or air. This will help ensure that you get a longer shelf life from your CBD vape oil and it won't go bad as quickly.

How To Tell If Your CBD Edible Has Expired

First of all, be aware that heat can cause CBD to degrade at a much faster rate. This means that if you've baked some brownies or an edible treat with CBD then you'll want to make sure that it's stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

If the product has been exposed to too much heat then your edible will go bad and you'll need to toss it out and get a new one. In some cases this can cause the degradation of CBD which means that your end result will be a lower potency.

CBD edibles are notorious for going bad because of improper storage both during preparation and consumption. It's important to keep your CBD-infused foods away from heat, air and light so that they last longer. However, even if you do this it doesn't mean that the potency will stay exactly the same as when first manufactured. A lot depends on how long the edible has been sitting out for and if it's been exposed to heat or not.

How To Tell If Your CBD Wax Has Expired.

Finally, CBD wax is another popular way for people to ingest cannabinoids like CBD. However this form is usually used by individuals who have chosen to buy CBD vape pens rather than use the oil tinctures.

Like all other CBD products, wax can also go bad if not stored properly which means that you should always keep it away from light and heat. If left out in the open for too long there is a chance that your CBD wax will lose its potency over time.

This means that it's important to keep your CBD wax in a cool, dark place or else you'll end up wasting money.

While this article does not provide all of the information you need to know about how to store CBD products, it does give you some basic concepts on what types of things you should be aware of. Always remember that heat, light and air can potentially degrade your CBD products so be mindful of how you store them. Also remember that labeling is very important if you don't want to waste money on something that's gone bad.

By following these tips it should help you keep your CBD products fresh for longer so that they retain the potency when consumed.

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