Top CBD Hemp Flower Health Benefits

Hand with glove touching cannabis plant.

Whenever we hear “CBD”, most of us think of cannabis plants and getting high. Whether this is something that you are familiar with personally, or just anecdotally, it’s certainly popular now more than ever, both medically and recreationally.

However, the high that comes from cannabis is actually due to its THC content rather than CBD. In fact, the CBD part is where the health benefits come from! If you want one without the other, you’ll find that CBD health benefits are best enjoyed through the hemp flower!

What are the hemp flower health benefits?

There is so much to respect in this humble CBD flower. There are many positive health benefits that make it popular for those searching for natural treatments and solutions. These include:

Pain relief: Because it’s an anti inflammatory, CBD flower is great for helping manage pain. This can be treatment for inflammation in the body in general (such as fibromyalgia or arthritis), often referred to as chronic conditions, or it could be for something more localized such as chemo-related pain and injury recovery.

Treatment for insomnia: Another popular use of the hemp flower is its ability to work as a sleep aid. This doesn’t create drowsiness, however, it works through its ability to reduce tension and stress that often are the root cause for somnia. As the body relaxes, the person is able to sleep easier.

Lessening of anxiety and/or depression: While not a cure for anxiety, depression, or PTSD, CBD can be helpful for promoting more “happy” hormones and offer relief for someone who is dealing with a panic attack or a particularly difficult, “low” day.

Keeps your brain “strong”: There’s even support, though it’s harder to track, that CBD can help protect your neurological functions. In most cases, it can help improve memory (or, decrease its degradation), and even put-off degenerative conditions such as Alzheimers or dementia.

Realistically speaking, CBD health benefits from the hemp flower are documented and widely acknowledged, but it’s important to note that they are different for each person, especially when looking at how they are taken. For instance, smoking the hemp flower can lead to a faster effect, which is great, but it can also wear off faster and also cause damage to your lungs.
On the other hand, using it through the form of edibles or oil means that it will have a stronger effect since it’s digested, but it can take longer to kick in. It also will be a little harder to track because homemade edibles and oil solutions often are inaccurate in their use of CBD products.

Sourcing is key

If you’re looking to make sure that you get the best health benefits possible from the CBD flower, the hemp plant is certainly going to be the right choice. However, sourcing it carefully from the right professional crops and strains is going to be as critical as the dosage and use itself. Always go with top quality strains for the best results, and take them only as directed in dose as well as method!