Cannabis and The Medicine Woman

Woman laying in purple water.

Lizzy Jeff (also known as The Medicine Woman) is a verified Instagram influencer with over 52K followers and almost 4,000 posts. Lizzy markets herself as a public figure, but in reality she is so much more than that. She is the CEO of a brand called Zen and Kush, which is an elevated lifestyle brand. The description of her brand is: “Infusing the elements of music, fashion, sensuality & art, Zen & Kush is an elevated lifestyle brand & series of immersive healing events curated by Lizzy Jeff. A growing community of prolific artists, healers and thought leaders, Zen & Kush is a culture that is leading the way for a beautiful, emerging renaissance.”

Lizzy is a woman of color who has a passion for activism and sensual, creative expression. She has curated and hosted hundreds of events in connection with her brand, and she uses her platform to bring awareness to stories and voices that need to be heard. She has created a community that empowers thousands of people every day andis centered around lifting up those around you in a positive way. She has an amazing and unique fashion sense that perfectly embodies her personality and all the values that she stands for. She has collaborated with brands such as Rolling Stone, Nasty Gal, LA Weekly, and Voyage LA, just to name a few!

In case you thought she couldn’t get any better, she also markets herself as a “Rap Princess” and for good reason. She has lots of videos on her Instagram of her singing and rapping, which seems to be two of her favorite hobbies. She is releasing a brand new 22 track album on August 28th, so check out her Instagram if you’d like to pre-order it! She also has a YouTube channel that features snippets of songs from her upcoming album.

She also teaches a masterclass that gives her fans an opportunity to experience her vibe and be able to observe her teachings live. It is entitled “The Lizzy Jeff Mentorship Program for Spiritual Greatness, Sensual Liberation, & Entrepreneurial Prosperity”. The masterclass retails for $222 and is a 4 week program designed for ones who are “seeking inspiration for radical self love & connecting deeper to their soul purpose.” For the time being, these sessions with Lizzy are held every Monday in private meeting rooms via Zoom. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, be sure to check out her IG and sign up!

Lizzy also published a book entitled Principles & Potions for Peace, Purpose & Prosperous Living. The description of her book is: “A digital guidebook for activating personal liberation, sensual alchemy, & spiritual ascension. Featuring contributions from some of the most brilliant minds of our time, this masterpiece is a vortex for real time inspiration and healing.” It contains recipes, powerful visuals, poetic therapy, and Chakra channels.

As you can see, Lizzy Jeff is far from your average Instagram influencer. She takes pride in being able to empower herself and those around her. If your values align with hers, make sure to show her some love and give her a follow on Instagram!