Ladies Of Cannabis Paradise

Woman with t-shirt on.

Ladies of Paradise is a creative agency owned by 5 different women from all different backgrounds. Their Instagram feed is everything you could ever want; aesthetically pleasing, inclusive, and colorfully eye-catching. They have over 45,000 followers and more than 2000 posts. The services they offer include design & photography, lifestyle & product photography, stylized content for your social media account, and event production. They also have a secondary Instagram account, @LadiesofParadiseCreative, that focuses a little bit more on the CBD and CBG products they sell.

Ladies of Paradise consists of 5 beautiful, empowering women who fight for social justice as a hobby. Jade Daniels, the co-founder and CEO of the company, earned her degree in Public Relations at the University of Houston. Her and her fiance ran a weed farm and edibles company, and then she opened up her own Etsy shop selling jewelry before founding Ladies of Paradise. Harlee Case, the co-founder, creative director, and photographer, is a talented Portland-based stylist and musician who has the passion, determination, and creativity to get the job done. Keasha Brown, the social media manager and creative assistant, attended school for interior design and fell in love with the team and joined right away! Leghana Lynn, the digital marketing strategist, is the one who holds the team together and keeps everything running smoothly. She keeps everyone in check and does what she's best at, which is organizing and event planning! Last but not least, we have Alisha Lorentz, the team’s graphic designer. Alisha studied at Oregon State and shortly after accepted a job in Sydney, Australia to pursue her dreams. After moving back to Portland, she joined Ladies of Paradise and completed the missing puzzle to the team! The common theme with all these women is their love for cannabis.

Ladies of Paradise also has a blog on their website focusing on self love, the medicinal power of plants, and empowering women. Their brand has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, LA Weekly, and Weedmaps. They developed the Lady Jays brand to sell high quality CBD and CBG products in, of course, beautiful packaging. They specialize in selling flower and preolls, along with unique apparel centered around cannabis. Their shop really encapsulates the personality of the brand and of all the beautiful women involved. They have been fortunate enough to work with major brands such as KandyPens and have been able to express their creative freedom while also crushing the oversexualization of women in the media. Their brand always puts emphasis on female artists and business owners who started out just like they did!

Ladies of Paradise has now transitioned from being completely online to opening up a brick and mortar shop on August 10th, 2018. Ever since then, their followers have skyrocketed and their brand has gained more exposure than ever before. It’s amazing to see how far all these women have come! No doubt they value how much they have empowered women with their story alone. If you are a cannabis-enthusiast, we highly recommend checking out their Instagram and shop!