Khalifa and Kush

Concert with peoples hands up in the air.

Marijuana goes by a number of names including weed, pot, skunk, ganja, herb, among many more. One musician that you will hear mention almost all of the various names of marijuana in his music is Wiz Khalifa. Wiz is one of the celebrities who have achieved a high level of success while actively smoking marijuana.

Wiz’s birth name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz. While he is known for his support of Pittsburgh, he was actually born in North Dakota. Since his debut in 2006, Wiz has enjoyed great success in the music industry.

He has won a BET Award, Billboard Music Awards, Teen Choice Award, and many others as well as a lot of nominations. The most interesting thing about this is that he built his career while having a consistent lifestyle of marijuana use.

In songs and interviews, Wiz Khalifa is always very open about his use of marijuana. In an interview with Joe Rogan, a popular stand-up comedian who is also a podcast host, Wiz Khalifa opened up about how much marijuana he smokes on a daily basis.

Wiz shared with the stand-up comedian that he smokes an ounce of marijuana every day. This amount shocked Joe Rogan who only does about one joint a day. An ounce of weed produces from 8 to 14 blunts based on how big you roll it. This makes it clear that one can actually achieve success while actively smoking marijuana.

While he does not necessarily recommend this, Wiz Khalifa has been smoking marijuana from he was a teenager. The ‘See You Again’ rapper shared that marijuana was critical to him getting through high school. Again, he is not prescribing his choice of using marijuana in high school to any of his fans.

Khalifa acknowledges the medicinal benefits of marijuana. He believes that as the information of the health aspects of marijuana continue to spread that people will begin to consume marijuana in other ways than the traditional blunt.

Wiz Khalifa smokes before, during and after his music creation process. He enjoys the calm and relaxation that weed brings to his body and mind while working. He believes that marijuana helps to clear his mind putting him in a better space to produce. Khalifa shared that marijuana helps him to be much more creative.

Wiz Khalifa’s marijuana smoking history reveals the fact that people can still climb the ladder of success while smoking marijuana. This is not only applicable to people who are pursuing a music career. Elon Musk smokes marijuana and Steve Jobs smoked marijuana in the 70s.