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Bammmer products are low in THC and high in CBD, so you never skip a beat.

THC not the right vibe?

Our products are low in THC, which means you can stay active and keep a clear head.

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Feeling stressed out?

Don't let stress overwhelm you. Our products can assist in keeping stress under control.

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What our community is saying.

I really love these pre-rolls! They were perfect for when I was on the go and needed some support and also when I was at home at the end of the day as it is an Indica strain. Extreme best helps me with my anxiety be at social anxiety and PTSD. Highly recommended. Andy ceon customer service is top-notch. This person really cares. Thank you


Bammer has been amazing, always feeling good chill happy love the company. Thank you to Angelo Beck for supplying us with a sample which was so cool we love the company and will continue to support. Can't wait to try all other CBD


My husband was thrilled with how smooth the "Purple Haze" was and that it helped relieve some of his chronic pain that he has to endure every day. He has not tried the other two CBD's yet, but I am sure that he will be very pleased! Thank you so much for your products!


I infused MCT oil with Lifter flower and put it in my tea daily. Lifter helps to provide exactly that a "lift" and gives extra energy with some very good flavor. Good stuff!


Very nice mellow CBD! This is my go to with coffee in the morning.. Super fresh and smells great


Hard to find good quality for a good price this place has what you are looking for.


Excellent service, quality and price again. Period. I will be back.


Amazing for my anxiety! SUCH a smooth taste! No harshness on my throat(which is rare).


Awesome product, I was able to quit taking my Xanax and my sleeping


What's in your CBD?

All of our CBD products are 3rd party lab tested with a certificate of analysis and terpene analysis.

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